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Spring cleaning or some people call it as deep cleaning, is it like a annual ritual work to be done. Normal we are only caring it out before Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or others traditional festival. During that moment there we are no just only have cleaning work to be done but there’s still a long list of task to be complete like, buy new clothes, baking cookies, food & beverage preparation, home decor and many more.

You may dust your home everyday, but there still will have a few spot that you may overlook during your daily house cleaning. During this festival time, take the chance and give your house a thorough cleanup and with an extra mile to eliminate all dirt, dust, toxins, mold, germs, bacteria and allergens from the common and those hard-to-reach areas.

However, Living at this bustling town of Malaysia we are hardly to get time to do such of detail cleaning, as its may take up a whole day or more. You also may considering to hiring a cleaning specialist to handle your spring cleaning tasks. We, Maria Cleaning is specializes in cleaning that understand well the task of spring cleaning that need for you. Do contact us to find out more.

Why Should Choose Maria as Cleaning Partner?

3x Protection

Trusted & Reliable Personnel & Services – To ensure the quality of services. Every Maria’s housekeepers is verified by multiple elements which is Background Verification , Health Verification & Skill Verification

Unified Training

On Duty with Profession – Every Maria’s housekeepers before on duty they will go through Training, Practical and also Assessment. Maria also will do a regular on job training for our housekeepers to ensure keep improving on their skills.

Tasks System

Standardise Entire Process  – Completion of customise cleaning plan within the time flame, no loaf on the jobs, no dragging time, more standardised services.

Humanity Mangement

Higher Quality Overall – Maria’s housekeepers only works 6 day a weeks, 8 hours per day. Implement more benefit for all the housekeeper to protect their rights, and increase the entire quality & Superiority for the works. Attract more talent to join Maria.

What Our Customer Said About Us.

Their cleaner are superb! .They did the job very detail and also giving alot of cleaning & house maintenance tips to me. Totally satisfied with the job done, and definitely recommended for all customers! 5 stars for sure.


Mika Tan

Having to handle the cleaning on my own after the renovation. Though the boss accommodates to the requests and basic cleaning was done but the junior cleaner who did the floor polishing did not do a very good job. However, owner changed a senior cleaner later to touch up and resolve issues. Good service
Ms. Dayah

I a fussy clients, but Maria & their teams is patience enough to give idea yet sound advice to give my home cleaning plan. They Cleaner is excellent and service was commendable. Deserves my recommendation!


Mr. Johan Chin

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